Value Proposition


Rely more on Job Skills Ranking, less on Resumes.


Reduce Recruitment and Retention Costs.


Increase Job & Career Mobility.


Foster Workforce Adaptiveness & Capabilities.


Employee Acquire and maintain market-relevant knowledge and skills by playing free, engaging and entertaining Job Skills Games, using Immersive Technologies.

Employer Use Data from AVR Games to align and calibrate your workforce, based on business needs and industry events.

Investor Access complete and integrated Knowledge Asset Data within Industry and portfolio companies.

Public Agencies Increase insight into the impact of innovative changes in industries, develop appropriate policies and programs.

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Product Features

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Partners Webs: 3PL Job Skills Game

  • Product Pilot

    Burris Logistics
  • Industry Standards Content

  • Planned Titles

    Green Thumbs (Grocery Retail), Threads (Apparel Retail) , Pulse (Healthcare), Cocoon (Hospitality) and Sterling (Banking)

Virtual Artefacts: Applications, Equipment and Materials

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